Food Porn French Pastries

Did You Know That There Is A “Best Pastry Chef In The World”?  It’s True.  The Best In The World.  His Name Is Pierre Herme.  Pastry Chef’s Are Truly Artists.  French Pastries Look Almost To Good To Eat.  These Pictures Are Representative Of A Well Adorned Masterpiece.  I Have Yet To Find A Dessert That I Didn’t Like, But By Far Creme Brulee Is My All Time Favorite Of Desserts.  The French Certainly Have A Way With Custards, Chocolate And Meringue That Is Mastered By Few In The Way That A Pastry Chef Has Achieved.

Do You Consider Food An Art?  When It Comes To Food, It’s Not Just About How It Tastes, But The Presentation Is Equally Important To The Lust For A Good Bite.

Julia Child Was An American Chef Who Introduced French Cuisine To America.  Thank You, Julia.  I For One, Am Eternally Grateful.

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