Bondi Beach Beauty

This contemporary home on Bondi Beach offers Himalayan sandstone surrounds, Tasmanian oak flooring, European appliances, incredible ocean views and modern lines throughout.  I like the way the decor ranges from Asian inspired to nautical to everything in between, yet flows so seamlessly.  It’s not always easy to incorporate such a wide range of decor enthusiasm and achieve such a beautifully put together schematic, but this is a wonderful example of how it can be done.

Small Room Appeal With A Large Room Feel.

Are you looking for a clean and minimalist design idea for your living space?  These rooms are perfect examples of small living spaces with a larger room feel.  Using lighter colors to decorate along with smaller pieces of furniture make these rooms look bigger, but cozy and inviting.

The Charm Of The Great Southwest ~ Pueblo Style

Santa Fe,  New Mexico

Ultra Modern Belgium Arichitecture

  This 17,000+ square foot, ultra modern minimalist design in Brussels has 8 bedrooms, 2 bath, wine cellar, pool, elevator, cinema and 50 acres of sprawling landscape. Architect Bruno Erpicum.