Feather Wall Coverings

This Has To Be The Most Incredible Textured Wall Paper (If Paper Were Made Of Feathers) I Have Ever Seen.  These Wall Coverings Are Made Of Various Bird Feathers.  Quail, Pheasant, Peacock.  The Feathers Are Sterilized And Disinfected And Then Cut And Applied To A Woven Base.  The Feathers Are Their Natural Colors So No Dye Was Used To Create These Fabulous Patterns Or Sheen.  Does Anyone Have A Napkin So I Can Wipe The Drool From My Chin?

Photos Via: Koket 

Sofas and Sectionals


These Sofas And Sectionals Are Exactly What I Need.   Every Last One Of Them Or At The Least, One Of Them!

I Have Learned Over The Years And Through Experience That When It Comes To Buying A Sofa The Single Most Important Thing Is Comfort And Durability.  I Have Owned A Number Of Sofas That I Purchased Solely For The Eye Appeal Only To Find That 1. Didn’t Have A Thick Enough Cushion Or 2. Didn’t Have Deep Seating, Both Of Which Matter To Me.  I Like My Sofas To Have A Thick Bottom Cushion For My Not So Thick Booty And I Like Depth And A High Backing.

In The Past I Have Furnished My Home With Items That Were Pretty And Often Times Neglected The Need For Comfort Because Like A 4 Inch Stiletto, Pretty Outweighs Comfort.  With Age Comes Experience And As My Heel Height Has Reduced To 3.5 Inches My Cushion Height Has Increased To At Least 7 Inches.  We Learn As We Get Older And Wiser That We Can Indeed Have Comfort And Glamour Without Having To Sacrifice.

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