The Beauty Of An UnMade Bed

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For as long as I can remember my day begins with my hopping (or crawling) out of bed, making my way to the kitchen to start a fresh pot of coffee and then turning back toward my room in order to get my bed made before I can move forward with my freshly brewed cup of coffee and my start to the day.  It’s as if my day can’t get started until that first cup of coffee and a tightly made bed has been the starting point to whatever lies ahead and nothing can move forward until those two things have been accomplished.

These photos are so inspirational to me. There are two things that I recognize about myself that have always driven my kids crazy.  One is the need for my bed to made first thing EVERY single morning and the second is that I am unable to go to bed at night until my kitchen is clean. I am obsessed with making sure that the dishes in the sink are hidden in the dishwasher before I head off to my neatly made bed.  I’m asking myself if it would be possible for me to ever have this look, as I am heavily crushing on these perfectly imperfect photos of unmade beds and who made the decision that these beds are unmade and perhaps my made bed is really not what a bed should look like at all?  These photos, to me, depict the perfect illustration of what a bed should really look like!  Happy Sunday evening!  I’m off to my neatly made bed.